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Hear from participants in the 2017 Wilson Creek Gardens Teacher Training
Video credit: Robin Liepman (Bloom) and Ana Simone Combi (Anahata)


Transformational and uplifting

An amazing, transformational, and uplifting week with great tools and activities that inspires you to go out and share.
J.W. (December 2018)

Safe space to learn

Jude and Rico provided a safe space to learn and teach while cultivating our sense of self and our strengths. Great mentors who truly care.
R.C. (December 2018)

Jude and Rico teach from the heart

Jude and Rico teach from the heart, enabling you to apply tools, analysis and structure into every aspect of your professional and personal life […] I feel I have been given such useful guidance and tools to go forward and to present to others. I grasped a better understanding of structure and delicacy and how to practice and prepare for teaching. This experience has far exceeded expected outcomes. I feel I have been provided with tools for life.
J.B. (December 2018)

Master class in the art of teaching Permaculture

This course is a master class in the art of teaching Permaculture that educators in any environment will find value in. I have facilitated 3 courses and taught 3-4 modules, but was not ready to do it on my own. [During this course,] I found a voice I didn’t know I had. My poster game improved! I feel more capable and confident, but also humbled. This course gave me a renewed sense of purpose and desire for this work.
R.C. (July 2018)

Ability to tap into the wisdom of the group

This course is a week-long intensive for Permaculture designers and educators who are interested in honing their craft as teachers/presenters. It has been transformative and valuable beyond measure. Jude has a lot of wisdom and knowledge to share and is great at drawing out our strengths. She helped facilitate learning peer to peer and has helped me grow as a Permaculture designer and educator. Jude herself is an amazing resource, and the bulk of my learning came through her ability to tap into the wisdom of the group and inspire thoughtful reflection.
T.M. (July 2018)

Many tools for confidence and clarity

I would absolutely recommend this course! Jude comes to the table with so much knowledge and experience, and then in turn is able to present it clearly. This class helped me to expand my awareness of the different avenues of teaching and learning. It was empowering and gave me many tools for confidence and clarity for spreading knowledge that will in turn empower others. I’m excited to take these tools out into the world and use them!
M.H. (July 2018)

Valuable friends and colleagues

[After this course] I feel like I could put together a weekend Intro to Permaculture course no problem. I gained valuable friends and colleagues here. I also feel stronger, refreshed, more confident in myself, and refocused on my path.
J.S. (July 2018)

Comprehensive overview of how to teach

This course was a really comprehensive overview of how to teach. It felt like 4 years of studying education in college was condensed into one week. It helped me continue to trust in the process of teaching to learn. I really appreciated the lens of self-care as applied to the principles.

Living example of Permaculture Design

This course is a living example of Permaculture Design. The design of the course itself, the course location, the learning environment, and the total delivery embody the principles, ethics, and functional application of Permaculture Design for place, people, and evolution. This course has empowered me with the knowledge, strategy, tools, techniques, and ability to empower others through teaching.

Such a plethora of knowledge

Jude has such a plethora of knowledge… I would encourage anyone with a PDC to check it out. These are skills for teaching for our future well-being. We need more teachers in the world and frankly I can’t imagine a more well-rounded, easily absorbed course than this one. Jude is the only magician I know who gives away all her tricks.

Finds the perfect balance

A great way to build an in-depth knowledge of how to teach workshops and courses, and meet people to collaborate with. Jude creates a course that finds the perfect balance between creating a safe comfortable learning environment and a place to push your comfort zone and to grow.

Pivotal and inspiring

An amazing learning opportunity. Learning about the art of teaching has become one of my biggest gifts for the future. Taking Jude Hobbs’ permaculture course has been one of the most pivotal and inspiring moments of my life.
Ryan L.

Gold standard for leadership

I feel deep gratitude and appreciation for Jude’s leadership, genuine caring, and vast knowledge base. It’s rare to witness such expertise, dedication, and mindfulness all in one person who so smoothly can transmit so much learning. Clearly, Jude sets a gold standard for connecting students with own resources, upholding professional ethics and teaching with her life. I feel enriched and so much more accomplished from this training. This experience has left an indelible mark on my life.

Challenged in ways I did not expect, but needed

Come prepared to learn, whatever your experience level. This course will challenge you in ways you do not expect, but that you need. I have grown enormously during this week and my teaching abilities have gone well onto the next level. I say this as someone who already has 17 years of teaching under my belt. It has challenged me in all the right ways, both intentionally and intellectually, just what I needed.

The best teacher training course

The best teacher training course that I have attended. More than a refresher for me. Thanks so much, Jude for launching another phase of my career.