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Jude Hobbs

Jude Hobbs holding chicken



Jude is an internationally recognized permaculture educator, land consultant, and designer. Drawing upon 30 years’ experience in utilizing whole-system design techniques, she provides environmentally sound solutions in urban and rural settings which promotes sustainable actions.

Through her business, Ago-Ecology Northwest, Jude specializes in encouraging farm management practices for optimizing resource conservation, biodiversity, watershed enhancement and income diversification.

As an educator she brings her passion for Permaculture to her courses by developing curricula that encompass diverse learning styles and methods that are inspiring and information rich. Jude’s intention is to empower people to creatively change their everyday patterns so as to care for the earth and each other.

As a co-founder of the Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) and Cascadia Permaculture Institute (CPI) she actively supports the next generation of permaculturists through continuing education and professional development.

Jude co-tends Wilson Creek Gardens a 7-acre Permaculture demonstration site in Cottage Grove, Oregon where there are abundant micro-climates from which to learn.

Professional Services

Jude operates two businesses–Agro-Ecology Northwest and Cascadia Permaculture– offering a wide range of services to agricultural businesses, individual land-owners and Permaculture students.

Agro-Ecology Northwest is a land use consulting firm providing environmental design solutions for landowners–including a diverse variety of farms–as well as assessments for Salmon-Safe. In her work with farmers, Jude specializes in encouraging income diversification and promoting best management practices that optimize resource conservation, watershed enhancement, varied plant selection and biodiversity. Her experience working on farms and ranches allows her an understanding of the challenges and economic realities that farmers face.

Jude at Permaculature Gathering

Jude at Permaculture Gathering

Jude’s work with urban-based landowners specializes in soil building, water harvesting, and selecting the right plant for the right place.

Cascadia Permaculture is the teaching aspect of her work. She teaches at private venues and universities providing training’s that range from one day to three weeks where the focus is on the principles and system practices of Permaculture design. Jude also offers teacher training courses developing curricula that encompass diverse learning styles with methods that are inspiring and information-rich.
“My intention is to empower people to creatively change their everyday patterns so as to care for the earth and each other.”

Supporting the Next Generation of Permaculture Trainers

Jude is a co-founder of the Permaculture Institute of North America and Cascadia Permaculture Institute. These are professional development organizations focused on creating a standard platform for Permaculture Design Course (PDC) certification and mentoring systems to assist PDC graduates in their journey toward professional practice.

Research and Writing

Jude has special expertise on biodiversity and hedgerows and is the author of A Guide to Multi-Functional Hedgerows, an Oregon State University Extension Service publication.

Community Involvement

Jude is actively involved in local efforts to promote sustainability and food security and was a founding member of the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition. She has been instrumental in organizing the Eugene and Cottage Grove Permaculture Guilds. Jude is currently on the board of Aprovecho Sustainability Education Center and the Advisory Board of the Permaculture Institute of North America.

Wilson Creek Gardens

Jude lives and works at Wilson Creek Gardens, a Permaculture demonstration site she is co-developing on 7.5 acres of diverse micro climates outside Cottage Grove, Oregon.

The site enhancement includes: forest gardens, orchards, creek restoration, water catchments, forestry, natural building, chickens and multiple other projects from which to learn.

Check out this video of Jude talking with students about designing edible landscapes around the new small house at Wilson Creek Gardens. Enjoy!