Prepping to drill holes in water catchment rain barrel

Prepping to drill holes in water catchment rain barrel

Cascadia Permaculture is a training hub for students, teachers and stewards of the land who want to learn about Whole Systems Design for Self-Reliant Living.

The training opportunities begin right here on this website. For a basic introduction, keep reading! Then review the Principles and Goals of Permaculture. To go more in depth, check out the Resources and Links page.

Our Courses and Workshops provide an interactive environment for applying Permaculture principles in your own life and on the land that you love.

If you’re looking for a more personalized training for your group or community, contact Jude about guest speaking.

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a way of designing for a more sustainable future. It is an ecological approach to whole-systems design that allows us to creatively develop self-supporting environments by integrating the land, water, plants, animals, shelter, technologies and community.

wcg gardenIt’s also…

…An ecological science focused on the study of nature and natural systems
…A design system for self-reliant living
…A global grass roots movement applicable on all scales and in all situations

One of the strengths of Permaculture is that it empowers individuals to create positive change through their decision-making processes. As a guide, one can tap into an evolving set of principles to find beneficial solutions to most challenges.

These principles are an invaluable tool for homeowners, homesteaders, farmers, educators, landscapers, architects, bioregionalists, city planners, foresters, reclamation specialists, neighborhood organizers and anyone interested in sustainable living.

The word Permaculture was coined in the mid-‘70s by Australian ecologist Bill Mollison and David Holmgren from the words permanent culture to describe the conscious design of ecosystems that offer diversity, stability, and resilience.

While there are many definitions of the word, at the most fundamental level Permaculture is about inter-relationships based on Care for the Earth and Care for all Living Beings.