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Current PC Courses

Permaculture Design Courses

Permaculture is a design system for self-reliant living that is applicable world-wide in any setting from sub/urban to all-scale farms.  This course offers a toolbox of principles and strategies to creatively integrate human and natural systems in ways that encourage abundance and sustainability. Participants will gain a clear understanding of the theory and practice of whole-systems ecological design through lecture, discussion, slideshows, design projects, and hands-on experience.  Creating a livelihood through permaculture is a strong focus of this course!

Topics include:

  • Permaculture Ethics & Principles

  • Observation & Site Analysis

  • Apply Patterns in Nature to Design

  • Design Process, Methods & Mapping

  • Ecology & Natural Cycles

  • Water Harvesting, Management & Conservation

  • Soils & Soil Building Strategies

  • Organic Gardening, Edible Landscaping and Forest Gardening

  • Animals and Their Place in the System

  • Forests, Agroforestry, & Tree Crops

  • Ecological Building

  • Appropriate Technology

  • Urban Permaculture

  • Village Design

  • Cooperative Economics & more!

Permaculture Practicum

Dates: May 21 to June 1, 2018

Follow up your PDC with hands-on projects that applies the concepts of permaculture and methods of sustainable living. The installation project possibilities include building a composting toilet, installing a water tank, establishing perennial garden beds with earthworks, or developing a hugelkultur system (buried wood mass). Registration for the Installation Project is discounted $150 if you register for both at the same time!

Instructor: Abby Colehour