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Current Advanced Trainings


Advanced Permaculture Courses in Teaching 2018 -2019

Sharing Knowledge is Regenerative, Empowering and

Part of the Permaculture Solution

Listen to Jude’s interview on The Permaculture Podcast describing this course: http://www.thepermaculturepodcast.com/2015/episode-1522-teachertraining/

And Scott Mann’s course review: http://www.thepermaculturepodcast.com/2011/permaculture-teacher-training-review/

This is a Certificate Course offered by an Instructor of the Permaculture Institute of North America

Prerequisite: Permaculture Design Course Certificate or instructor’s approval.


La Loma Viva Permaculture Design Centre
December 1 – 8

Participants arrive: Friday 30th November and Depart: Sunday 9th December.

Jude Hobbs, Rico Zook and Guests

Granada Coast of Spain

For more information and to Register: info@lalomaviva.com


Saraya Ecostay

Instructors: Jude Hobbs and Rico Zook

January 25- February 1, 2019 

Participants arrive: Thursday 24th January and Depart: Saturday February 2nd.

Goa, India 

Register: Zora   ria.saraya@gmail.com



Panya Project

February 22nd – March 1st

Participants arrive: Friday February 21st and Depart: Sunday March 2nd.

Instructors: Jude Hobbs and Rico Zook

Chiang Mai, Thailand


More information forthcoming


O.U.R. Ecovillage

March 23 – 30, 2019
Instructors: Jude Hobbs and Guests

Shawnigan Lake, BC

2019 Permaculture Teacher Training


Empower yourself to advocate for change by attending this in-depth life altering course.

In this dynamic and interactive course, you learn significant teaching techniques to communicate and apply Permaculture principles and strategies to a wide variety of audiences and educational settings. Our goal is to encourage and inspire your unique strengths and abilities by demonstrating diverse teaching modalities including effective use of lecture, storytelling, class discussions, interactive experiential activities, visual aids and hands-on skills.

Participants build facilitation skills, learn module development techniques, practice social permaculture and build strong networks of their assets and resources that they will use to support one another individually and via group projects.  As a class we create a safe setting of active learning and build confidence through preparing and co-teaching multiple presentations for essential practice.

~ Course Topics Include:

  • Philosophy and Ethics of Being an Instructor

  • The Art of Teaching and Facilitation

  • Adult Learning Styles

  • Designing & Building Curriculum and Lesson Plans

  • Presenting Styles

  • Utilizing Media and Activities

  • Co-Instructing

  • Time Management

  • Venue Logistics, Course Planning, Marketing and Budgets

  • Interns, Apprentices and Mentoring

  • Evaluations and Feedback

  • Tips from the Trade • Self-care

  • Keeping Up The Spirit

  • Right Livelihood

  • Extensive Resources and More

We appreciate the unique skills and experiences of those attending and cultivate networking for future connections and support. A core part of Jude’s work is inspiring and training the next generation of Permaculture advocates.

This is a Certificate Course offered by the Permaculture Institute of North America

Prerequisite: Permaculture Design Course Certificate or instructor’s approval.

Advocate for Change Through Teaching Whole Systems and Passion Based Learning


  • Jude has such a plethora of knowledge… I would encourage anyone with a PDC to check it out skills for teaching for our future well-being. We need more teachers in the world and frankly I can’t imagine a more well-rounded easily absorbed of course than this one. Jude is the only magician I know who gives away all her tricks. M.S.
  • This course provides more than just a foundation for teaching permaculture. It is very motivational and inspirational. Highly effective with pointed content, I needed this! RS
  • Jude brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the room and imparts it with style and grace.  G.
  • A great way to build an in-depth knowledge of how to teach workshops and courses, and meet people to collaborate with. Jude creates a course that finds the perfect balance between creating a safe comfortable learning environment and a place to push your comfort zone and to grow. J.D.
  • Jude’s experience really shown through during this course. It seemed every part of the curriculum has been carefully tweaked over the years to create loop learning opportunities while inspiring students to become creative and thoughtful educators. A.C.
  • This course is at the same time humbling and empowering. Great for anyone interested in sharing knowledge in whatever context. A.S.
  • After 10 years of this goal, this was the final step I needed to feel truly ready to teach others. D.N.
  • If you believe in permaculture as an antidote for many of the world’s woes, this course is a great opportunity to join the teachers thereof. A brilliant opportunity to train to be an agent for the betterment of the earth, life, society and community. P.S.
  • Valuable for building confidence in designing and delivering learning modules. Great tips in getting started as an educator. Great for general education, not only for permaculture techniques. This is a very valuable course, I loved it! J.P.
  • Thank you for your transparency it was so valuable and very special for us to receive from you.


Announcing the Final Presentation Workshop

Teaching on a hot day by Wilson Creek

Interactive Activity during PTT