Permaculture Design Courses (PDC)

Permaculture is an ecologically based whole-systems approach to design. Through an evolving set of principles and strategies, one can creatively integrate human and natural systems in ways that encourage abundance and sustainability. Permaculture offers a positive response to the uncertainties of the future. It is a method of design that offers ways for you to create permanent culture by conscious, sustainable use of resources in all aspects of living. The time to plan for a resilient and prosperous future is now.

Permaculture Design Courses will help you gain a clear understanding of the theory and practice of ecological design through lecture, discussion, slideshows, design projects and hands-on experience. PDCs help deepen your understanding of natural systems and how they can inform design. Jude offers courses and workshops nationally and internationally. She has developed curricula that encompass diverse learning styles with techniques that are fun, inspiring and information-rich.  A core of Jude’s work is encouraging and training the next generations of Permaculture advocates.

Topics in Permaculture Design Courses include:

  • Permaculture Ethics & Principles
  • Mapping & Design Exercises
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Observation & Site Analysis
  • Ecology & Natural Cycles
  • Garden Design & Establishment
  • Useful Plants & Planting Strategies
  • Water Harvesting, Management, & Conservation
  • Soils & Soil Building Strategies
  • Animals in the System
  • Forests, Agroforestry, & Tree Crops
  • Ecological Building
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Urban Permaculture
  • Village Design
  • Cooperative Economics & more!

Who should take this course?

  • Educators
  • Farmers
  • Government officials
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Landscapers
  • Gardeners
  • Activists
  • Artists
  • And anyone interested in effective design!

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