Launched in 1995, Salmon-Safe works to restore water quality and salmon habitat in Pacific Northwest salmon watersheds, Salmon-Safe does this by evaluating farm operations that are endorsed by our independent professional certifiers and promoted by the Salmon-Safe label.

Salmon-Safe farms gain competitive advantage in the marketplace through our public education efforts and the marketing efforts of our participating farmers. In 1999, Salmon-Safe completed a two-year retail marketing promotion for Salmon-Safe farmers in more than 300 natural food stores and supermarkets, including Fred Meyer stores throughout the western United States.

The farm certification program is focused on management practices and the degree to which a farm’s operations are compatible with best management practices for avoiding harm to streams and salmon populations. Management practices are addressed in five primary areas:

  • riparian areas management

  • water use management

  • erosion and sediment control

  • chemical use management

  • animal management