Jude has been providing environmental design solutions for urban and rural settings since 1982, specializing in soil building, water harvesting, and selecting the right plant for the right place. Year round beauty and productivity is attained by integrating whole systems design.

Enhance your property’s year-round beauty, interest and productivity by incorporating edible ornamentals, native plants, drought tolerant plants, and plants that attract birds and other wildlife. Through the design process Jude utilizes an integrated approach taking into consideration your unique property.

Services Offered:

1. A walk-about tour of your property, answering your many questions, offering advice and if desired, a rough sketch

2. A detailed rough sketch, not to scale, indicating all features and plantsGarden view WCG copy

3. A completed landscape design, drawn to scale (see explanation below)

Why have a planned landscape?

An organized plan offers you the opportunity to:

  • Select plant varieties and structures that work well for your location

  • Install your landscape in phases, as your time and budget allows

  • Extend the living space of your home

  • Avoid costly mistakes at building and planting time

  • Increase your property’s value

What is a Landscape Design?

The completed landscape design is a refined blueprint or plot plan of your property that includes a ‘bird’s eye view’ drawing of your property with exact placement of structures and plants.

A plant information booklet is provided as part of the design. This detailed booklet covers approximately 15 areas of importance for most plants sited on your property, including: soil, light, and water requirements; bloom time and fragrance; type of fruit; and maintenance information.

Variegated Black Elderberry
(Sambucus nigra ‘Variegata’ )