A Book in Progress

Table of Contents



History and Background
Definition of Terms
The Functions: Hedgerows, Shelterbelts, and Windbreaks.
Wildlife Habitat, Income Producing

Beneficial Insects

Beneficial Borders
Farmscaping with Insectary Plants
Plants known to Enhance Habitat for Beneficial Insects
List of  Beneficial insects


Plants to Attract Wildlife
Willamette Valley Wildlife Habitat
Wildlife of Meadows and Hedgerows
Landowner’s Guide to Wildlife Management
Windbreaks for People: The Wildlife Connection
Ways to Attract Non-Game Birds
Birds of Prey Assist Farmers
Controlling Critters Without Chemicals
Riparian Areas: Fish and Wildlife Havens
Managing Deer on Small Woodlands
“Wild About Farms”


Shelterbelts: Excerpts from People/ Plants/ and Environmental Quality
Shelterbelt Influence on Great Plains Field Environment and Crops
Forests and Global Change:  Opportunities to Increase Tree Planting in
Shelterbelts and the Potential Impacts on Carbon Storage and Conservation


Windbreaks: Design, Benefits, Wind flow, Wind Erosion,
Plant characteristics of: Wind Tolerant Plants
Windbreaks: Function and Effects
Windbreaks For Rural Living
Windbreaks for Sustainable Agriculture Systems
Planting a Windbreak
Supplemental Moisture for Windbreaks
Windbreak Effects on Field and Row Crops
Herbaceous Windbreaks
Wind Erosion Control of Windbreaks
Windbreak Economics
Management of Microclimates with Windbreaks

Income Producing Plants

List of Plants for Income Production

Establishment and Maintenance

Long Term Commitment
Location, Function and Size
Layout and Design
Soil Preparation
Management of Microclimates with Windbreaks
Plants, Weeds, Watering
Mulching for Fertility

Plant Lists and Templates

Template Instructions
Explanation of Plant List Categories
Template Plant List for Hydric Zones
Template Plant List for Lowlands
Template Plant List for 5′ Plantings
Oregon Interagency for Conservation and Forage Plantings
Deer Resistant Plants


Books and Websites Available for Research
List of Nurseries That Specialize in Wildlife Food Planting
Fish and Wildlife:  Partners for Wildlife Program
Habitat Restoration Projects