Advanced Permaculture Teacher Training Testimonials

This course was a wonderful opportunity to self-reflect on my strengths and weaknesses. I feel as though I have begun to blossom in this class and would highly recommend taking a class with Jude. The course was fun, informative and the most unique workshop I’ve ever attended. –Gina H

Cascadia Permaculture is the real deal! Jude teaches in a professional, ethical and thorough way. She uses all of the tools in her arsenal and her commitment to her students is proof of her passion. –Jessicka N

An amazing learning opportunity. Learning about the art of teaching has become one of my biggest gifts for the future. Taking Jude Hobbs’ permaculture course has been one of the most pivotal and inspiring moments of my life. –Ryan L

Jude’s style and depth of knowledge around permaculture and its delivery to all audiences made for a most enlightening experience. After completing this course I feel more confident and prepared to share the teachings of permaculture with greater audiences. –David S

An awesome experience to live and learn with amazing folks. You learn and gain familiarity with a broad range of topics and bring home a treasure trove of resources. -Justin

Great course to learn about different learning styles and how to build great educational modules and lesson plans that reach a wide variety of people with varied styles. –Michael B

This course is a living example Permaculture Design. The design of the course itself, the course location, the learning environment, and the total delivery embody the principles, ethics, and functional application of Permaculture Design for place, people, and evolution. This course has empowered me with the knowledge, strategy, tools, techniques, and ability to empower others through teaching.  -CS

Great focus on learning styles and ability to generate content. Helpful for anyone interested in teaching outside of traditional settings. –Shay

Jude and  Andrew are such wonderful instructors. They give you the insight and understanding needed to continue this work in the future. This is not a lecture course. They have you participating from the moment you arrive and all they do is help you reach your full potential. I’m so grateful for each of them. Thank you! -Catt

This has been a stellar learning experience for me.  I came with high hopes and was blown away by the people, the learning, the fun, the food, the resources, and connections.  -Therese

A memorable experience packed with practical information and endless possibilities. -Mark

Jude creates a safe learning environment for all types of learners. From there miracles can happen. -Elve

The best teacher training course that I have attended. More than a refresher for me. Thanks so much, Jude for launching another phase of my career. -Ted

Jude is preparing a positive Permaculture movement with teachers in training who she’s inspired to walk in a noble and respectful professional manner. -Michael

I feel deep gratitude and appreciation for Jude’s leadership, genuine caring, and vast knowledge base. It’s rare to witness such expertise, dedication,  and mindfulness all in one person who so smoothly can transmit so much learning. Clearly, Jude sets a gold standard for connecting students with own resources, upholding professional ethics and teaching with her life. I feel enriched and so much more accomplished from this training. This experience has left an indelible mark on my life. -Brenda

Andrew and Jude are in such command of this material that I would recommend this course to anyone. I have been teaching for many years and I learned so much. It will improve my ability to educate. Thanks guys! -Wayne

This course rejuvenated my passion for Permaculture and empowered me to walk my talk even more authentically, while inspiring others to join in the great effort to heal our planet. -Kirsten

Thanks for the slingshot ride into the center of Permaculture. There is a rapidly growing interest in sustainability now and we are the leaders we have been waiting for. For the people who are looking to leave a legacy of health, beauty, prosperity and justice for future generations let us all introduce them to the richness of experience that Permaculture has to offer. With hope for a better world through Education. -Ron

Come prepared to learn, whatever your experience level. This course will challenge you in ways you do not expect, but that you need. I have grown enormously during this week and my teaching abilities have gone well onto the next level. I say this as someone who already has 17 years of teaching under my belt. It has challenged me in all the right ways, both intentionally and intellectually, just what I needed. –William

The Pc Teacher Training through Cascadia Pc gave me the strategies and techniques needed to empower myself as a teacher and to inspire others in making positive change through Permaculture. Each of us truly makes a difference. My life was changed by this course.  -Jenny

What makes Permaculture sing is the immeasurable energy that emanates from synergistic relationships. Ultimately, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. You have allowed me to inspire myself and through keen facilitation and loving kindness, led to the fertility that lies in my heart. Thank you -Elan