Advanced Permaculture Teacher Training Course

Sharing information is Regenerative, Empowering and Part of the Permaculture Solution.

Detailed Course Description: CP PTT J.Hobbs Description 10.3.18

This article describes my teaching philosophy: Evolving and Enlivening the Education Paradigm J Hobbs 11.13.18

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Empower yourself to advocate for change through whole systems teaching and design. In this dynamic and interactive course, you will learn impactful teaching techniques to communicate and apply Permaculture (Pc) principles and strategies to a wide variety of audiences and educational settings.

Jude and her co-instructors use a combination of diverse teaching modalities; including effective use of lecture, storytelling, power points, structured discussion, small groups, interactive experiential activities, visual aids and hands-on experiences. These assist participants to gain the tools needed to teach multiple ways of sharing information.

As a group we facilitate a safe setting of active learning, building confidence by experiencing essential practice via preparing and co-teaching a variety presentations.

We appreciate the unique skills and experiences of those attending and cultivate building strong networks to support one another via group projects and connections post-course. As with a Permaculture Design Course, in this teacher training we offer practical solutions for sharing information, which is essential in these current times. We have had great success teaching, and are advocates for the Mollisonian Standard Permaculture Design Course curriculum. We also believe each course taught needs to speak directly to local conditions and the specific skills of the presenters’ team. Jude has taught this course over thirty times. As proactive educators we are constantly adjusting the way the course is presented…creating innovative experiences that address varied learning styles while moving from theory to practice. This is a Certificate Course offered by Instructors from the Permaculture Institute of North America.

Prerequisite: Permaculture Design Course Certificate or Instructor’s approval.
Who is this course for? * Community activists, designers, homesteaders and anyone who wishes to share the knowledge of systems thinking and integrated self-reliant living strategies * Professional teachers who wish to expand and fine-tune their Permaculture knowledge * Permaculture Design Course Graduates
What will you learn? * The awareness of how adults learn * To assess your personal assets * Tools to teach what you know
What you can expect from this course? * Keeping participants engaged through changing the conventional paradigm of teaching * Skill building with a focus on goals you wish to accomplish * Enhancing your abilities toward critical thinking Such as: What are your intentions and goals as an educator? How teaching serves you and others? * Understanding how goal setting generates learning outcomes which evolves to content * Community building: this includes transformational learning, the co-creativity model and more * Teaching strategies * Creating the awareness of teaching about design and the relevancy of practical design application
Learning Interactions * Recognizing your learning styles and how this impacts your ways of teaching * Applying documentation through note taking & journaling * Building a vocabulary of learning modalities, such as; shifting from passive to active learning, visual, auditory, kinesthetic learning, Howard Gardner’s eight intelligence’s, transformational learning, and using resources from researchers who have articulated how people best learn. * Observing how people best learn through their experiences with teaching styles * Practicing the Art of Facilitation: From deep listening to timeliness to working with challenges in the educational setting
What are the course activities? * Presenting at least three teaching modules as a way to practice and build self-confidence. * Offer and receive supportive respectful critiques of these presentations, enhancing the opportunity to Adapt and Advance your skills with timing and delivery. * Encouraging you to identify your uniqu
What can you expect from the venue? (Residential courses) * Beautiful setting with multiple micro-climates * Permaculture systems in place * Three deliciously prepared, mostly local and organic meals a day * Comfortable camping or indoor lodging accommodations
Want to know even more? Scott Mann, a 2011 PTT alum, interview’s Jude Hobbs on his podcast The Permaculture Podcast: Episode 1522: What is a Permaculture Teacher Training? with Jude Hobbs Scott also gives his review of the course which he took in 2011. His review can be heard on his podcast The Permaculture Podcast:

Summary Topics includes: Philosophy and Ethics of Teaching * Teaching systems, principles and Patterns * Building Curriculum and Course Modules Based on the Mollisonian PDC * Recognizing Your Learning Style(s) and How It Impacts Ways of Teaching * Lecture, storytelling, class discussions, interactive activities, visual aids and more * The Art of Facilitation: Via Examples & Role-Play * Organizing a Class or Workshop: From Planning to Implementation * Evaluations and feedback * Tips of the Trade  *Abundant resources * And more






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