Permaculture is a way of designing for a more sustainable future. This is achieved by integrating elements in all aspects of life…. the interconnections between water, soil, plants, animals, appropriate technologies, buildings, economics and community.

At Cascadia Permaculture, Jude Hobbs and her co-instructors use a combination of interactive lectures, PowerPoints, structured discussion, small groups and hands-on experience to assist participants to gain the tools needed to either teach, or guide the design process, for sustainable, ecologically-based homes, farms, businesses and communities. We appreciate the unique skills and experiences of those attending, and help cultivate networking for future connections and support.

Courses and Workshops

The workshop schedule includes trainings on Permaculture Design and Advanced Permaculture Courses in Teaching. Occasional Workshops include Edible Landscaping, Forest Gardening and Multi-Functional Hedgerows. Jude is also available as a guest speaker. If you would like to invite Jude to present one of these workshops or a personalized presentation for your group, contact us!


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Jude certifies her courses through PINA – the Permaculture Institute of North America

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